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Quarterbacks Markets After Career Ending Injuries

This season has been awful in regards to players health, specifically the quarterback position more than any years prior. Anthony Richardson, Joe Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Kirk Cousins, and Daniel Jones all suffered season ending injuries in the last month. These were huge losses for the NFL as all but Richardson had Super Bowl aspirations and many viewed as at the least playoff teams. Other quarterbacks have also suffered injuries causing them to miss weeks including; Ryan Tannehill (ankle), Jimm

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Nov 20, 20232 min read

Maxey is up now!

Tyrese Maxey was a fan favorite during the 2020-21 market boom of the 2020 NBA draft. While many have left the hobby since then, Maxey hasn't left the gym working on his game. Every single season he has statistically improved and finally taking his 4th year leap which is what you look out for in young players. Career stats Career statsYearYearTeamTeamGPGames playedMinMinutes per gamePtsPoints per gameFG%Field goal percentage3pt%3 point percentageRebRebounds per gameAstAssists per gameStlStea

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Nov 14, 20232 min read

Wait wait wait... The hype is raising prices, in season?!?!?!

It's the age old tale, even pre-dating the market boom. The young hyped up prospect with soaring prices in the off-season absolutely collapse in the regular season. Victor Wembanyama might deserved to be called the unicorn after-all because he is breaking the norm and going against what history tells us. Victor over the last month has gone up consistently to the tune of 63%! What is so amazing about this, is the fact he has no Panini pack-pulled cards yet. His French league licensed cards are b

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Nov 10, 20231 min read

The Impact of the Housing Market on Collectible Spending

The housing market and the collectibles market are two seemingly unrelated sectors of the economy, but they are more interconnected than one might initially think. The dynamics of the housing market can have a significant impact on individual and collective spending habits, including the world of collectibles. This essay explores the intricate relationship between the housing market and collectible spending, shedding light on how fluctuations in the former can influence the latter. I. Economic

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Nov 3, 20232 min read

Poole Party in DC

Jordan Poole was the punching bag last season in Golden State literally and metaphorically. Now Poole went from 6th man to face of the franchise, albeit a horrible franchise BUT he is still the best player on 1 of 30 teams in the league. Poole is now set up to have a historical stat padding season, one that would make Monte Ellis jealous. The current construction of the Wizards is for Poole and Kuzma to jack up as many shots as possible. Poole even more than Kuzma due to the playmaking and ball

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Oct 24, 20231 min read

Parallel Wars, too many or just not enough good ones?

The fear of many collectors is the flooding of new types of parallels into products, not only does it make the true colors harder to hit but the alternative renditions of colors tend to sell for far less. An alternative pattern parallel which this article will be focused on is referencing a waves, disco, choice, lava, speckle, shimmer, bubbles, and ice cards. However could it be that people are not upset about the additions of these alternative pattern parallels flooding the market but rather th

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Oct 12, 20233 min read

Jared Goff's Career Revival

The former 2016 number one overall pick to the St Louis Rams had a tremendous up and down career. The highs being extremely high in making the Super Bowl with the lows being knocked unconscious on the sideline by the legion of boom and being benched for John Wolford. In a franchise altering trade for both the Rams and Lions, it turned out to be a win win. The Rams had a 1 year wonder Super Bowl run and have been mediocre since. The Lions got what appears to be the answer at quarterback in the nu

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Oct 12, 20231 min read

The Swifty Bump

Just as everyone expected the news that would be inescapable across the NFL landscape in week 3 is who Travis Kelce is dating... For better or for worse, it seems two fandoms have colided. While Chiefs fans are not exactly running out to get Taylor Swift merchandise, it seems Swift fans want to know all things Kelce. According to Front Office Sports: Since Taylor Swift showed up to Sunday's Chiefs-Bears game: • 400% spike in Travis Kelce jersey sales • Kelce's podcast ranks #1 overall on Apple

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Sep 30, 20231 min read

Purdy is Undefeated, On and Off the Field

Brock Purdy aka Mr. Irrelevant of the 2022 NFL Draft is 11-0 as a starter in games he finishes. While he likely is not Brady, his story is trending towards being just as inspirational. This is not a Trent Dilfer situation either, as Purdy is slinging the rock with confidence. Having McCaffrey does not hurt but let's not act like Purdy is playing timid or throwing check downs. Purdy has a great arm and decision making, which is perfect for the Shanahan offense. Critics say, he is nothing more th

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Sep 26, 20231 min read

Coach Sanders Cards on the Upswing

Invest in... coach cards??? We often hear about the next this or that you should invest in often times ending in colossal failure. However people who had the foresight to buy Deion Sanders cards over the last year are currently very happy. Deion Sanders is the greatest two sport athlete of all time, almost every list you find puts him as the G.O.A.T. NFL cornerback. While also adding a decade long MLB career as a starting outfielder on World Series contending teams. Deion Sanders started his co

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Sep 26, 20232 min read

Real Deal or Too Soon To Tell: Jordan Love

Could it be? Could it really be that the Packers have done it again? Since 1992, the Packers have had to worry about a singular position less than any other team in the NFL. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers have become synonymous with the Packers franchise over the last 4 decades. So finally, uncertainty struck with 2020 first round pick taking the helm after sitting three years like Rodgers did from 2005-2008. Through his first three starts, Love has a 2-1 record including a 17-0 comeback win vs

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Sep 26, 20231 min read

Off Season Markets In Review: 2020 Quarterbacks Win Big

With week one of the NFL season upon us today, we can see the winners and losers of the sports card market this off-season. One thing was clear that over the last six months, 2020 quarterbacks reigned supreme. Reigning NFC champion Jalen Hurts saw dramatic market growth, along with other proven commodities Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow. However, yet to play Jordan Love also saw boom 2020-esque growth. Most people want the best and as a result people buy the best, some buy Desmond Ridder so just

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Sep 11, 20232 min read

Max Verstappen Dominance Translates To His Card Market

Max Verstappen has won his tenth straight Formula 1 race, which breaks a tie with Sebastian Vettel for the most in F1 history. This comes off Max's 10th straight win this past Sunday at Monza. Over the last three months, one month into when his streak began his market has seen a nice increase. In the last three months he has had many individual cards see 2020 and 2021-esque price increase. Verstappen right now is the only reason to watch F1 and it looks like he has no competition.

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Sep 8, 20231 min read

Mia Hamm Cards See World Cup Bump

Despite retiring from professional soccer several decades ago, Mia Hamm continues to wield a remarkable influence, not only in the realm of sports but also within the world of collectibles. Hamm played a pivotal role in elevating women's soccer to global prominence. She gained widespread recognition during her time with the United States Women's National Soccer Team from 1987 to 2004. Hamm's illustrious career saw her secure two FIFA Women's World Cup championships and two Olympic gold medals. W

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Aug 25, 20231 min read

Why 2023 Football Cards Could Cease to Exist

The NFLPA has terminated its trading card agreement with Panini, effective immediately. Fanatics now holds exclusive rights to produce NFLPA-branded trading cards. Email was just sent out informing contract advisors of the decision: — Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) August 21, 2023 Today's news came as a shock to everyone, people expected Fanatics to take over as the sole producer of football cards in 3 years but not now! The NFLPA announced they terminated their ag

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Aug 22, 20231 min read