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The Rise of QB5

In the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft, four quarterbacks were selected in the top 26. From picks 27-122 only one quarterback was selected and his name was Jalen Hurts. Hurts had an excellent college career that included many highs and some extremely notable lows. As a freshman Jalen led Alabama to the National title game against Clemson where they lost to Clemson led by Deshaun Watson. The next season, Alabama found themselves once again in the National Title game facing the Jake Fromm led Ge

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Sep 26, 20224 min read

An NFL Player So Good His Base Cards Are Rising!

It is no secret that the base card market has tanked compared to where it has been over the last 2 years. The days of buying a Prizm rookie for under $20 then spending $10 to grade is long gone. With the Patrick Mahomes 2017 Prizm base (silver) PSA 10 peaking at $14,900 and now sitting at $4,000 it is unlikely that card will reach $10,000+ again in the foreseeable future. While Mahomes is just one example, there are a multitude of others such as Dak Prescott. January 1st, 2021 to September 21s

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Sep 22, 20222 min read

NFL Week 2 Takeaways

After a week one for the ages... Well week 2 was just as good if not better and a lot of upsets occured. Despite it just being week 2, many people are already questioning if their teams season is over while others are high as a kite. This article will give a quick recap and or analysis of what happened and what went wrong or what went right. Two of the best quarterbacks in the league were on display in prime time, which is a great thing for the hobby and the NFL. The narrative of Mahomes needi

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Sep 20, 20226 min read

Why you mustn't panic over weeks 1 and 2 quarterback play

Getting off to a hot start is vitalty important to the NFL, as we know it can often decide if you make the playoffs or not. Since 2007, 98 teams have started the season 0–2. Of those 98 teams only 12 (12.2%) have ended up making the playoffs (wildcard included). While on the other hand, starting 2–0 does not guarantee you a playoff spot but you have a fairly good shot. In 98 cases of teams starting 2–0, 54 of those teams made it to the postseason (55.1%) [1]. Since 1980, only 6 teams in NFL his

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Sep 17, 20221 min read

NFL Sunday Week 1 Takeaways

Footback is back!!! Wooo Hooo and boy oh boy was it glorious. An action packed Sunday with upsets, beat downs, and everything else great that comes from football. This article will give my brief takeaways from every game played this Sunday. Saints vs Falcons: 2015 Quarterbacks Impress The 2015 #1 and #2 overall picks faced off once more in a heated division rivarly game. Winston started off slow and looked awful, this was his first game off an ACL injury so with time he got better. Finishing

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Sep 12, 20225 min read

The Buffalo Show in Los Angeles

WOW JUST WOW! Buffalo went into Los Angeles and just put a bully beatdown on the defending Super Bowl champs. Top to bottom offensively and defensively a master class was put on by the Bills. Early on the Bills seemingly wanted to give the game away with Isaiah McKenzie dropping a pass which resulted in an interception. Which was followed by a James Cook fumble on the first carry of his career. While the Bills had many mishaps, Gabriel Davis and Stefon Diggs looked like an elite receiver duo

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Sep 9, 20221 min read

Why its important teams start the season winning

With the NFL season upon us, peoples investments in the hundreds of thousands to even millions will be on full display. With the NFL having such a limited number of games per season (17), it is extremely important for teams to win in the first three weeks. In the NBA with an 82 game season and MLB having 162 games, every year we see teams start off slow but bounce back. The history of the NFL shows us that the first 2 to 3 weeks will dictate your season if you start out slow. With all of the mon

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Sep 6, 20222 min read

Breaking Down the Donovan Mitchell Trade

Donovan Mitchell is one of the very few players that you could find on people's most overrated and underrated list and both could have solid arguments. Regardless of how overrated or underrated you think Mitchell is, you have to put in perspective what they gave up. The Cavaliers shocked the NBA world last season when they won 44 games with Garland & Allen who became all-stars. With Sexton not playing last year due to an ACL injury, the only piece the Cavaliers gave up who has an on the court pr

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Sep 3, 20222 min read

Acknowledging the Risk and Potential Downside in Investing: Drew Lock

In 2021 we wrote an article under the same title about the same player... Drew Lock started at the tail end of his rookie season, he lit the investing world on fire. The statistics and opponents were underwhelming but the win percentage was a sight to behold for Bronco fans. Heading into 2020, Bronco fans finally thought they their guy but as we all know that did not happen. With a record of 4-9, not every gave up on him but a lot of people did. Heading into 2021, the Panthers brought in Teddy B

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Sep 2, 20222 min read

Card Ladder Index: Monthly Gainers

Heading into the NFL season with week one just one week away, big things are happening in the football market. The NBA season is also on the horizon just under 2 months away with the MLB heading into the post season. This article will pick a handful of cards off the Ladder with some of the most notable monthly gainers. 2009 Upper Deck First Edition Star Rookies Gold Stephen Curry #196 Monthly Change: 419.23% The reigning Finals MVP flagship Upper Deck Gold Star Rookies saw a massive jump. De

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Aug 30, 20222 min read

NFL.coms Top 10 Quarterbacks: Market Analysis (part 2)

With the NFL season right around the corner, this is the first year in many years where the overall market is down. While cards of unproven second year players are still selling for head scratching amounts, it must be stated its not all down. PWCC for one currently has a Trey Lance card with bids totalling over $75,000. analyst and likely hall of famer Steve Smith Sr. released his top 10 QB list [

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Aug 17, 20223 min read

NFL.coms Top 10 Quarterbacks: Market Analysis (part 1)

With the NFL season right around the corner, this is the first year in many years where the overall market is down. While cards of unproven second year players are still selling for head scratching amounts, it must be stated its not all down. PWCC for one currently has a Trey Lance card with bids totalling over $75,000. analyst and likely hall of famer Steve Smith Sr. released his top 10 QB list [

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Aug 13, 20223 min read

Goldin Auctions Recap & Analysis

Selling for $1,680,000, many people saw the LeBron triple logoman sell for $2,400,000 proceeding to then call this low. A few years ago, a modern era basketball card (not graded) selling for 1.6 million would have been considered absurd. Now we are calling a 1.6 million dollar sale low, all things considered this sale should be viewed as a positive opposed to a negative. The LeBron triple logoman sale was a one off with the perfect storm of hype, manipulation, and marketing. In a perceived down

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Aug 9, 20222 min read

Three Summer League Standouts

With summer league coming to an end, this blog will showcase standouts from the 2022 Las Vegas Summer League. This blog will try to not focus on the 2022 top picks like Paolo & Keegan but moreso the lesser known mid-late first rounders. Tari Eason Houston Rockets 2022 Draft: 17th pick Position: Power Forward Height: 6'8" Age: 21 Summer League Performance: Points: 17.2 Rebounds: 10.4 Assists: 1.6 Steals: 1.8 Blocks: 1 FG %: 44.7 3P %: 33.3 Needs Improvement: Soley based on statistics, Ea

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Jul 25, 20223 min read

Come Say Hi! Card Ladder at the National!

All your favorite Card Ladder team members will be at the National! Come stop by and say hi to us at booth 145. Booth 145 runs along side the breaker pavilion but specifically What Nots middle booth. Josh, Kristina, Chris, and Nick will all be at the booth periodically throughout the show every day. We will also be offering 1 month free of CL Pro for anyone who signs up at [] using a promo code found at our booth! You must sign up on the website but once an

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Jul 24, 20221 min read