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Jordan's Record Sale Does Increase Sonny Weems Value

By now I am sure you have all heard about the 2.9 million dollar Michael Jordan logoman sale. With a sale like this you know one thing is definite, the resulting takes will be hot and they will be flying. It seems like many influencers want to proclaim a resetting of the logoman market because of this sale. While it can be safe to assume this sale will have future implications on Jordan, Kobe, or LeBron Logoman sales, it is a reach to think this sale helps a Kyle Weaver logoman This is not the

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Jun 13, 2024ā€¢1 min read

White & Brown on Fire for Boston

It seemed that Jayson Tatum's thunderous dunk over LeBron James as a rookie in game 7 of the 2018 eastern conference finals had cemented him as the future of the franchise. However the tide seems to be turning and this finals run feels a lot different than the one 2 years prior. The Tatum one is CRAZY he never beating the allegations šŸ˜­ ā€” HaterMuse (@HaterMuse) April 4, 2024 Tatum has mightily struggled these playoffs putting up some awful shooting splits and at ti

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Jun 10, 2024ā€¢1 min read

Patience Pays Off, Don't Toss Those Commons

Naz Reid has been a fan favorite in Minnesota for quite some time now but his arrival on the national stage came these past playoffs. The un-drafted big man from LSU was a rookie during the 2019-20 season. Because of his uncertain NBA future and people not wanting to pull an undrafted card of a player... Naz Reid did not make the cut for many Panini products. He has no Prizm base rookie, Optic base rookie, 1 tier of Select, and has NO patch autographs. So when Naz Reid started going off and abs

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Jun 7, 2024ā€¢1 min read

Kyrie & Luka High Pop Base See Big 1 Month Growth

Just as everyone predicted going into the end of this season, Anthony Edwards would be anointed the face of the NBA while high pop base cards are making great growth! Okay maybe in January not everyone could've saw that coming but it happened alright. The infamous Luka Doncic Hoops, Prizm, and Optic base have seen noticeable spikes in the last month. Which goes to show that hype is still king and people want who is popular in the moment. The average person buying these cards are casual collecto

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Jun 5, 2024ā€¢1 min read

The Worthless Gem... A 97% Gem Rate Story

Whether you think grading is a sham or not, the one non-debatable topic in the hobby is if grading adds value to cards. You frequently see a PSA 10 Gem Mint designation adding anywhere from 2-10+x premium on cards. Above you can see the drastic change in price a PSA 10 designation puts on a card. This is the norm, as it's assumed not every card will grade Gem Mint and the pack standard card remains a NM-MT. However what happens when a card has a 97% gem rate? The 2023 Victor Wembanyama Court K

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May 30, 2024ā€¢2 min read

Just Because They're Winning Doesn't Mean You Are

Anthony Edwards as we all know has been on a tear lately and is on the current trajectory to become the face of the NBA. A title many have tried to claim but no one has yet been fit to claim. Anthony Edwards market has gone up 44.30% over the last 30 days, which is relatively unheard of in today's market. It seems the expectation is for him to jump in price even higher if he wins it all. Personally seeing it first hand with social media posts of people saying "just picked this up, will be worth

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May 24, 2024ā€¢2 min read

Card Ladder Pro Update: Synonym Searching

Searching for sales just got a whole lot easier! Sellers all list their cards differently which makes it hard to find all the sales you're looking for across platforms. For example some sellers title their listing with "auto", some with "signed", some with "autographs". Goldin Auctions most notably lists autograph cards with the verbiage of "autograph" and "signed" as seen below. Today we launched a synonym platform that automatically retrieves similar phrases in titles automatically. So when p

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May 15, 2024ā€¢2 min read

Repackers Providing Collectors Liquidity

Repackers are the talk of the town as of late, with discussions of the ethics and stability of them. However, for the sake of this article, let's just focus on whats going on right now. While the market has not gone entirely back to pandemic levels, as seen below But the market has gotten smarter and the cards people want tend to make more sense opposed to any base card graded a 10. While people can still influence/sway a players market on word of mouth, the players actual play is now a driving

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May 14, 2024ā€¢1 min read

Breakout Stars Have 2020 NBA Wax on Fire

The 2020 draft class has been on a tear lately with the 2020 draft class going on a tear lately. Anthony Edwards is currently picking a part the reigning champion Nuggets, Tyrese Haliburton is looking to pick up where Reggie Miller and Paul George left off with a win against New York, and Tyrese Maxey had a breakout performance versus the Knicks. As a result of the three headed monster of the 2020 class has caused 2020 wax prices to surge. As seen above from a wax tracker posted by Whiteback on

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May 11, 2024ā€¢1 min read

Do Auction Houses Hold A Moral Responsibility to Prevent a Market from Flooding?

The age old question of, should an auction house either refuse to sell mass quantity of an item or spread it out to prevent a destabilization in that cards market? At the end of the day, the reality is that a person can sell whatever cards they own whenever they want too. However that is no fun and ruins the frequently discussed topic, so today we will be looking at one collectors decision to flood the 2003 LeBron James Top Prospect Gold /100 market. The 2003 Upper Deck Top Prospect base set fe

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May 3, 2024ā€¢1 min read

Is Anthony Edwards the Star the NBA Has Been Searching for?

The NBA over the last few years has been in eager search for the next face of the league. LeBron James having a prime continue until age 39 has ruined the decades long tradition of a player passing the metaphorical torch. Instead we have seen LeBron, drafted in 2003 career & prime outlast all but 2 players drafted in 2010/11. Anthony Edwards is on the trajectory to be the potential solution to the NBA's looming problem. Anthony Edwards has the aura to be that guy, whereas guys like Jokic seemin

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Apr 23, 2024ā€¢1 min read

2023-24 NBA Season Biggest Hobby Risers (Part 2)

With the season in the books and playoffs officially tipping off today, let's use the Card Ladder Pro player index feature to see which players saw the biggest uptick over the 6 month long season. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 6 Month Rate of Growth: 69.76% From buying a crypto scammers old mansion to being an MVP finalist, Shai has had quite the eventful last 12 months. Shai led a team that didnt make the playoffs last year to being the #1 seed in the most competitive Western Conference in almost

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Apr 22, 2024ā€¢2 min read

2023-24 NBA Season Biggest Hobby Risers (Part 1)

With the season in the books and playoffs officially tipping off today, let's use the Card Ladder Pro player index feature to see which players saw the biggest uptick over the 6 month long season. Tyrese Haliburton 6 Month Rate of Growth: 41.66% Haliburton led the Pacers to the finals for the NBA's first in-season tournament, causing his market to explode in late November/early December. Playing through injury to meet the 65 game requirement, his play declined but however turned it on late in

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Apr 20, 2024ā€¢2 min read

Marquise Brown's Market Receives The Mahomes Affect

Marquise Brown was supposed to be Lamar Jackson's #1 receiver for many many years. Unfortunately drop after drop after drop led to his departure and he got shipped to Arizona. While he put up solid numbers, injuries to him and Cardinals star QB Kyler Murray derailed each of the two seasons. Now the Oklahoma product is off to play with Patrick Mahomes, a 3x Super Bowl champion coming off back to back Super Bowls. Mahomes is by far and away the best player in the league and has the potential to b

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Apr 15, 2024ā€¢1 min read

How NIL & Topps saved College Basketball Cards

College basketball cards had long been a placeholder, something that satisfied the average person just temporarily while putting college collectors in a you just left me state. The model had been, college cards of the recently drafted players with products such as Prizm Draft, Contenders Draft, and Chronicles Draft coming out during the post-draft offseason. Die-hard collegiate collectors couldn't collect their favorite player while in college, only after the player departed for the NBA. While N

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Apr 11, 2024ā€¢1 min read