Patience Pays Off, Don't Toss Those Commons

Card Ladder
Jun 7, 20241 min read

Naz Reid has been a fan favorite in Minnesota for quite some time now but his arrival on the national stage came these past playoffs. The un-drafted big man from LSU was a rookie during the 2019-20 season. Because of his uncertain NBA future and people not wanting to pull an undrafted card of a player... Naz Reid did not make the cut for many Panini products. He has no Prizm base rookie, Optic base rookie, 1 tier of Select, and has NO patch autographs.

So when Naz Reid started going off and absolutely killing it, people were left with very few options to choose from... A lot of cards were selling for relatively large amounts considering they were likely given away as freebies or even tossed just a few years ago.

As seen above many cards that were easily obtainable for under $10/15 raw have massive multipliers once graded by PSA card. As well below cards that were on the more expensive side have seen insane market gain.