You Be The Judge, The AL MVP Front Runners Market Is On Fire

Card Ladder
Jun 12, 20222 min read

Aaron Judge is the star the Yankees need, New York needs, and the sports card market needs. Standing at 6'5" with the power to hit jaw dropping dingers, no one can deny the bounce back season he is having. According to Vegas Insider, Judge is the clear front runner to be AL MVP.

With a career high batting average and leading the league in runs, home runs, slugging %, OPS, and total bases. This is not just a case of another big name in a big city being hyped up, Judge has the stats to back it up and not just that. He is leading many of those statistical categories.

In a perceived down market, Judge market keeps going up by the week. Outpacing the entire baseball market tenfold, there is a clear recent demand for Judge cards. In today's unpredictable market, it is a good sign to see the market follow the traditional pre 2020 boom market trends. Judge checks all the boxes for investors; very rarely do you get a prospect of Judge's skill thats developed and pans out to this degree in such a big market. Investors love the long ball and Judge knows how to hit em, add that to playing for the Yankees AND being extremely marketable.

As a result you can see even Judge's base cards are going up... Now in June of 2022 that is not something you can say about many players across all sports. Now with the best record in baseball by far, it will be hard for anyone to catch up in the MVP race. With the National an hour from New York, expect Judge to be one of the hottest players at the show.