Breakout Stars Have 2020 NBA Wax on Fire

Card Ladder
May 11, 20241 min read

The 2020 draft class has been on a tear lately with the 2020 draft class going on a tear lately. Anthony Edwards is currently picking a part the reigning champion Nuggets, Tyrese Haliburton is looking to pick up where Reggie Miller and Paul George left off with a win against New York, and Tyrese Maxey had a breakout performance versus the Knicks. As a result of the three headed monster of the 2020 class has caused 2020 wax prices to surge.

Photo Credit - Eric Whiteback on Twitter

As seen above from a wax tracker posted by Whiteback on twitter, the trend of 2020 wax is on the rise. I do not think we have seen on court performance reflect card prices this dramatically since the covid-era. Wax in the CL database is up 34-45%+ on lower-mid end product. Who would've thought just a year or two ago that Elite would be seeing 35% 90 day increases...