Card Ladder Acquired by Collectors Universe

Card Ladder
Dec 2, 20212 min read

Today is the biggest day in Card Ladder history since its launch in June of 2020! Collectors Universe (which many collectors know for their ownership of PSA) has officially acquired Card Ladder. While this news has likely come as a shock to many collectors, we want to assure you that our core values will stay the same.

With the sports collectibles industry seeing exponential growth in the spring of 2020, the need for a way to track sales data was evident. With the hobby more than a year later seeing continuous growth and enthusiasm, Collectors Universe felt the need to be able to offer its consumer the best information available on the market. Acquiring Card Ladder is a major first step for Collectors Universe in being able to do just that.

In a press release from Collectors Universe, they stated:

"By acquiring Card Ladder, Collectors Universe has again affirmed its commitment to ensuring that every collector has the tools and knowledge they need to make the best-informed decisions. The investment also reflects Collectors’ dedication to supporting the maturation of the industry and better enabling seamless participation for every collector."

CEO and Chairman of Collectors Universe, Nat Turner, said:

“We’re deeply committed to investing in collection management and pricing tools that provide every collector with the best industry information available. Card Ladder’s sales data, tracking tools, and innovative predictive pricing technology is a great addition to Collectors Universe.”

Co-founder and CEO of Card Ladder, Chris McGill (@Chris_Hoj), said:

"We created Card Ladder to provide collectors with tools they need to build collections that they love. We share Collectors Universe’s vision of leveraging technology to enhance and grow the industry for the benefit of every collector while prioritizing trust and complete transparency above all else.”

Co-founder and CTO of Card Ladder, Joshua Johnson (@cardboard_chronicles), said:

“Card Ladder has always been a passion project aimed at informing collectors so they can make the best decisions possible in one central, easy-to-use platform. We were collectors before we were professionals in this business, and our goals are to ensure the growth and long-term sustainability of the hobby. We’re pleased to be joining Collectors Universe to continue pursuing those goals.”

The acquisition of Card Ladder for Collectors Universe bolsters their vision to provide both the collector and investor with the best all-around platform available. For the time being, Card Ladder will remain a standalone platform where customers can still do everything the same as before. Over time Card Ladder will slowly be integrated into the Collectors Universe suite of products, specifically to make pricing more consistent.

Thank you for all the support over the last 18 months which made this all possible. Without the support from the hobby, Card Ladder would not be where it is today. We at Card Ladder want to emphasize that our core values and mission of providing accurate sports card data have not changed since day 1 and will continue to stay that way.

More details will be released over time, so stay tuned. Once again, we cannot thank you all enough for the support!