Card Ladder Index: Monthly Gainers

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Aug 30, 20222 min read

Heading into the NFL season with week one just one week away, big things are happening in the football market. The NBA season is also on the horizon just under 2 months away with the MLB heading into the post season. This article will pick a handful of cards off the Ladder with some of the most notable monthly gainers.

2009 Upper Deck First Edition Star Rookies Gold Stephen Curry #196

Monthly Change: 419.23%

The reigning Finals MVP flagship Upper Deck Gold Star Rookies saw a massive jump. Despite it not being a Warriors uniform card, the logo is still on the card which helps it a lot. While this sale should likely be viewed as an outlier, it still is worth bringing up as you likely will not see it drop down to $200.

2016 Prizm Silver Jacoby Brissett #292 - PSA 10

Monthly Change: 278.32%

Only 32 people in the world can say they are a starting quarterback entering week 1. Jacoby happens to be one of them and with an extremely well rounded Browns roster, they could make some noise early on. Watson will be out the majority of the season and it will be on Brissett to make them a playoff team. For that reason, at just $70, it is not a horrible bet to make opposed to other high priced quarterback cards.

2017 National Treasures Rookie Patch Auto /99 Cooper Kupp #198

Monthly Change: 270.37%

Cooper Kupp is coming off a historic triple crown season in addition to Super Bowl MVP. With hopes high and expectations even higher, Kupp's National Treasures NT RPA is going crazy! If Kupp can put together a comperable season to last, expect the hype train to continue.

2001 Upper Deck Albert Pujols #295 9.5

Monthly Change: 168.00%

ROAD TO 700!!! Will Pujols do it? We can all hope but while the chase for 700 is going on his prices are going up. This is a great thing for baseball collectors and investors as its been tough in the prospect department. Proven commodities playing well, on the chase to achieve historical feats with prices going up is great.