Card Ladder: NBA Players of the Week

Card Ladder
Nov 8, 20213 min read

Card Ladder’s player of the week will be a new weekly blog post which showcases four of the top players in the NBA the prior week. When selecting players we look at several statistics including; record, points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks per game. Although the players' weekly market change will not be a factor in selecting players, we will be looking at how their play impacted it.

Jarrett Allen:
Record: 3-0

Points: 21.3

Field Goal %: 67%

Rebounds: 16

Assists: 2

Blocks: 1.7

Steals: 1.3

Not only did Allen put up monster statistics across the board this week but  the Cavaliers went 3-0. The once extremely limited offensive center has quietly added a nice around the rim offensive game since joining the Cavaliers. Despite his monster statistics this week, the week prior he did not score over 10 points once in his three games. Unlike years past, the Cavaliers actually have a fairly talented roster with score first players in; Garland, Sexton, Markkanen, and Mobley.

Looking at Allen’s market index over the last week, it is up 7% overall which is a noticeable change for a Cavaliers player let alone an old school big man. Over the last month, Allen’s Prizm base rookies are up an insane amount. This could be attributed to a handful of things with the main one being Allen’s ability to put up silly 20/20 statlines. The Cavaliers also have been one of the surprising teams this season being a fast pace, high energy, youthful team that can put up points.

Donovan Mitchell:

Record: 2-1

Points: 33.7

Field Goal %: 50%

Rebounds: 4

Assists: 5

Blocks: 0

Steals: 1.7

Last year's playoff series vs the Clippers is when everyone was forced to accept that Mitchell is the real deal. Unfortunately for the Jazz, Mitchell suffered an ankle injury that ultimately ended the Jazz season in addition to Rudy Gobert allowing 40 points to Terance Mann. Two weeks into the season, the Jazz are second in the west with a 7-2 record. In a season where so many scorers are struggling, not only did he average 33 points but also shot 50% from the field.

Mitchell’s market did not move at all, just .44% this week. That is because we all know Mitchell can score, his market wont move over 1 great week. What is going to move Mitchell’s market noticeable amounts is doing this consistently becoming a top 10 player, MVP candidate, or finally stop getting bounced early in the playoffs.

DeMar Derozan

Record: 1-2

Points: 33

Field Goal %: 61.4%

Rebounds: 6.7

Assists: 2.3

Blocks: 0.3

Steals: 1.3

Despite a 1-2 record, it is hard to ignore what DeMar has accomplished this year and this past week. I was thinking of leaving him off but he shot 61% and averaged 33 points… The rule change is allowing players to become more physical on the defensive side of the ball which is benefiting mid range players. DeMar was often criticized for his play style of being a guard that avoided threes at all cost and now it's a great strength. DeMar was an extremely criticized signing this off season for that exact reason and now on a team with 2 other all stars in Vucevic and Lavine, DeMar has become the #1 option.

Kevin Durant

Record: 3-0

Points: 28

Field Goal %: 58.3%

Rebounds: 6

Assists: 6

Blocks: 1

Steals: 0.3

The former league MVP probably didn't think he'd be in a situation where James Harden is supermax Malcolm Brogdon and Kyrie Irving would be sitting at home. Durant tore his achilles and many questioned if he would ever be the same. Well that question clearly has been answered and Durant is arguably better than ever. Not only is he scoring at a high efficient level but also 6 assists is pretty noteworthy.

His market is still down overall after a disappointing playoff exit and his career being finals dependent. Durant has achieved everything one could want but his career is now in the LeBron stage where more and more titles are needed. A 33 point week for KD might be enough to see massive gains for Miles Bridges but not Durant. He is down .08% this week which is basically not noticeable if you have Durant cards. In the end his market comes down to will he win another championship?