The Six Figure Playoff Quarterback Dual

Card Ladder
Jan 14, 20232 min read

January 14th at 8:15 eastern, the Chargers and Jaguars will be facing off in Herbert and Lawrence's first playoff game! This might not be one of the most anticipated matchups for NFL fans but for the hobby this game is huge.

Wild Card weekend features 12 teams and this game is the only one with two quarterbacks who have six plus figure card sales. With Herbert and Lawrence being two of the most popular young quarterbacks in the league, this will be our first chance to see them in the post season. Despite that, both teams have had very different paths to the playoffs.

If the overall market was in better shape, you better believe this would be in the green and not red over the last 3 months. Although in the last month, his market is up 37% overall. The Jaguars defied the odds overcoming a horrid 4-8 record and winning the AFC South.

In the last seven games of the season Lawrence was brilliant with numbers that reflected his projected hype. These are simply elite numbers and there is no way you can twist it.

2017 Giants top pick Evan Engram was a direct beneficiary of Lawrence improved play and his market has seen a bump because of it. In the last six games of the year, he averaged 68 yards per game and had 3 touchdowns.

The hobby's favorite quarterback? Despite Herbert possibly being one of the most popular QB in the NFL, his market is down -29%.