Did Messi Get A World Cup Boost or Dip?

Card Ladder
Jan 2, 20231 min read

Lionel Messi finally was able to capture the one thing his career had been missing, A WORLD CUP! He was able to leave Qatar with the most liked Instagram post in history and the World Cup Trophy. Messi was able to win over the hearts of Americans who watch soccer once every four years.

StatTotalRank amongst 2022 World Cup players
Expected goals (xG)6.581st
Expected assists (xA)1.952nd
Shots on target181st

Despite being 35 years old, Messi was dominating and more often than not, he was the best player on the field. Being the best player on the winning team in the biggest global sporting event, one would assume his market would go up.

Unfortunately that is not the case, similar to what we see with NFL and NBA players markets after winning a title, they actually go down. This seems to have been the case with Lionel unfortunately, as investors hoard cards in lead up to the World Cup. When they decide to sell, it ultimately floods the market and with a surpluss of supply. Messi did see a 12% bump from 12/2 to 12/20 (day after world cup) but then saw an immediate decrease after.