2022 NBA Draft Recap(Picks 1-3)

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Jun 24, 20223 min read

The 2022 NBA Draft changed a ton of lifes and marked the beginning of the 2022-23 NBA season. In an extremely eventful night filled with trades that came to forwishen and tons of rumors that ultimately fell flat, this article is your guide to the 2022 NBA Draft.

#1 Orlando Magic: Paolo Banchero

Points: 17

Rebounds: 8

Assists: 3

Banchero himself offers an extremely versatile two way player but does lack consistent three point shooting. He is the perfect mix of strength and finesse which bodes well for the NBA as he has excellent post moves and jab step footwork. If you watch his highlights above you can see why he was called the most pro ready prospect. While his shot from deep was not great in college BUT his mechanics are solid. Unlike Lonzo, Banchero has solid form and a great mid range shot. In addition his great post moves, jab step, and all around game inside 15 feet, Banchero can almost act like a defacto point forward. His ability to lead the break on day 1 makes him one of a handful of big men who can do so.

#2  Oklahoma City Thunder: Chet Holmgren

Points: 14

Rebounds: 10

Assists: 2

After many years of being a high school then college sensation, Chet is finally in the league! A unicorn type player with a body and skillset that make so many love him and question him at the same time. The Thunder made a lot of moves today adding young pieces around the already young Giddey, Dort, Shai, and Mann. The nice thing about Chet going to the Thunder is that it is the smallest market there is, so the National media attention of a Philadelphia just is not there. So it allows Chet to grow without being scrutinized every game by the major city media.

Chet has been called a unicorn as it truly is absurd to have his measurables and be able to not only shoot but also dribble like he can. Despite him being labeled as undersized in the weight category, he was this way in college and was still an elite rim protector averaging 3.7 blocks per game. Similar to Brandon Ingram maybe he can force others to make adjustments to him opposed to him having to adjust to others. His own potential downfall might be his own confidence or some might call it cockiness with his own self proclamations. At the end of the day he is a 7 footer with the ability to bring it down court effectively with a great crossover.

#3  Houston Rockets: Jabari Smith Jr.

Points: 17

Rebounds: 7

Assists: 2

The presumed #1 pick for about the entire lead up to the draft ultimately went #3 to the extremely young Rockets team. Easily the best shooting big man in college in at least ten years, he will fill the void Christian Wood left after going to Dallas. Houston despite being extremely dysfunctional has a seemingly endless depth chart of potential with; Jalen Green, Kevin Porter, Josh Christopher, Alperun Sengun, KJ Martin, and now Jabari Smith. For any young impressionable player it is important they have stability and structure which unfortunately is not what the Rockets have at the moment. Hopefully Jabari can add some leadership to the young core showing them that playing team basketball is important.

One of the first things that stands out with Jabari's game is how in control he is, often college bigs struggle translating to the NBA as they can be out of control. Great footwork, agility, with a smooth shooting stroke that would make many NBA guards envious is what makes Jabari such an intriguing prospect. In the highlight tape above you can see his elite ball handing which allows him to attack the rim with ease. In addition to that Jabari can catch and shoot but also shoot off the dribble which makes him such a unique player. The Rockets should be ecstatic with this pick as the presumed #1 pick fell to #3 for them.