Is Anthony Edwards the Star the NBA Has Been Searching for?

Card Ladder
Apr 23, 20241 min read

The NBA over the last few years has been in eager search for the next face of the league. LeBron James having a prime continue until age 39 has ruined the decades long tradition of a player passing the metaphorical torch. Instead we have seen LeBron, drafted in 2003 career & prime outlast all but 2 players drafted in 2010/11.

Anthony Edwards is on the trajectory to be the potential solution to the NBA's looming problem. Anthony Edwards has the aura to be that guy, whereas guys like Jokic seemingly do not want to be. Edwards has that indescribable "it" factor whereas he wants the attention & craves the ability takeover a game. He is not shy to take the big shot and talk to the media afterwards about it. At just 22 years old, Edwards is one of the youngest players in NBA history with a signature shoe. He is relatable to the youth and personable which goes a long way with the media and fans.

At 22 years old, Edwards led the Wolves to their best season in team history. They were in control of the 1 seed for as much time this season as the 2 prior decades combined. Another thing to love is that he actually plays games, he has only missed 6 total games in the 2 prior seasons.