Kyrie & Luka High Pop Base See Big 1 Month Growth

Card Ladder
Jun 5, 20241 min read

Just as everyone predicted going into the end of this season, Anthony Edwards would be anointed the face of the NBA while high pop base cards are making great growth! Okay maybe in January not everyone could've saw that coming but it happened alright.

The infamous Luka Doncic Hoops, Prizm, and Optic base have seen noticeable spikes in the last month. Which goes to show that hype is still king and people want who is popular in the moment. The average person buying these cards are casual collectors who are not doing this for a financial outcome.

The big spike is just not for Luka either, everyone's favorite Uncle saw a nice uptick in price after falling out of the good graces of many people over the last year or two. It seems Kai has reclaimed the ooo's and awe's once again of fans in big moments reminded them all of how great he can be. Kyrie doesn't have many notable base cards due to his rookie year but the 2012 Prizm is on fire from how it's been trending relative to the prior 24 months.