(NFL) MVP Front Runner = Market Down???

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Dec 31, 20222 min read

When Patrick Mahomes lost Tyreek Hill this off season, many called into question Mahomes ability to play quarterback. This was not a fringe group of people either, you had many television personalities such as Bart Scott proclaiming they would miss the playoffs...

Needless to say the Chiefs doubters and critics were 1000% wrong with their predictions. Not only do the Chiefs have the #1 record in the AFC but Mahomes also sits atop the NFL MVP favorites at -550. With two games left, Mahomes has 4720 yards, 37 touchdowns, 11 interceptions, 78 QBR, and 105 Rating.

Odds to Win 2022-23 NFL MVP

PlayerOdds to Win NFL MVP
Patrick Mahomes (KC)-550
Joe Burrow (CIN)+600
Josh Allen (BUF)+1000
Jalen Hurts (PHI)+1000
Justin Jefferson (MIN)+7000
Tyreek Hill (MIA)+25000
Justin Herbert (LAC)+25000
Kirk Cousins (MIN)+30000

So how exactly is Mahomes market doing over this season?

Unfortunately it is down and down big, at -38.37%, this chart reflects someone who IS NOT the NFL MVP front runner. While yes, the market is down as a whole, exceptions for elite QB play are a thing. Jalen Hurts is up 82% in the last 3 months but to be fair players like Josh Allen and Joe Burrow are down.

Will this trend continue or will the market correct itself with a Super Bowl run? It is impossible to tell at this point and anyone selling you guarantees is lying to you. One would assume a Super Bowl run would work in his markets favor but one would think a dominate MVP season would as well.