New Feature: Camera Search

Card Ladder
Oct 22, 20222 min read

This feature is a real game changer for all Card Ladder Pro members, whether you are at a show, card shop, or even your home. You can now search for the millions of cards in our database by simply taking a picture of a card. If you are at a show and need to find a comp for a card quickly, in under 5 seconds with one quick picture you will have ACCURATE matches with full pricing history. This feature is not just limited to cards on the ladder but cards in sales history as well. Our technology does not need for the card to be on the ladder for this new feature to work. Our image search technology is the most accurate in the industry, featuring millions of searchable images from eBay, Goldin, PWCC, Heritage, MySlabs and many more.

This feature is now available on the mobile app (no desktop) for PRO members and can be accessed by going to the Search tab and then pressing the camera icon in the top right. Here is a step by step on how to use the new feature.

  1. You must allow the Card Ladder app to have access to your camera, without allowing this it is impossible to use this new feature.

2. Under the search tab on the Card Ladder app, tap the camera icon on the top right. If you do not see this, make sure your app is updated and you are a Pro member.

3. Simply take a picture of the card and or upload a picture from your phones camera roll using the icon to the right of the green circle.

4. Once a picture is taken and or a photo is uploaded, it will automatically take you to the following screen below. Here it will show you the sales history of the card while also having the ladder option if the card is on the ladder.

With this feature you can find the exact card you’re looking for with price estimates using our player indexes so you can make the right decision for your collection. You must update your iOS or Android app to access this feature!