New Feature: Compare Indexes!

Card Ladder
Mar 3, 20222 min read

Today we launched a new feature that expands on our already existing comparison feature. Prior to today, you could only compare individual cards. Now you can compare entire players markets, sports, or even one of our 3 markets (low, mid, high end).

How to Compare Indexes:

If you still want to compare individual cards you can do that but for this new feature you will have to click on indexes. You will then see the menu above which gives you a search icon for player indexes and a drop down menu for categorical indexes.

Why is this new feature useful you might ask or how can you use it to help you? Simply put comparing individual cards was and still is a great way to get a sense and inform yourself of a market. By being able to compare categorical indexes, it gives you a big picture into the market. Above as an example, I picked Ja Morant in comparison to the mid-end market index and basketball index over the last 6 months. We can see that Morant over the last 6 months has blown the entirity of the basketball market and the total mid-end market out of the water.

You can truly pick whatever comparison your heart desires, so when the time comes to compare Pokemon to Tom Brady! Card Ladder has got you covered. Maybe you are doing a trade involving Pokemon, Basketball, and Golf, this would be the perfect tool to compare the markets growth. Tools like this separate Card Ladder from the competition with features that can and will make you a smarter card collector!