New Individual Category Indexes

Card Ladder
Nov 10, 20212 min read

Card Ladder’s indexes have been a revolutionary way to track individual players' markets as well as the big picture using the CL50. Today we are proud to release a new feature on the Card Ladder index which allows you to now track markets by their sport. The eight sports we currently have are:









Prior to this feature, you only had the ability to track individual players' markets and the CL50. This revolutionary tool in the hobby gives you the market's big picture of an overall sport. It is not fair to judge an entire sports market by individual players. Just by looking at Ben Simmons or Miles Bridges markets, it would give the impression the sky is falling or it's raining gold.

Using Football for example, once you click on the specific sports index it has the same menu as the CL50 and individual players index. Over this quarter, we can see the market is up 43.14% overall with the biggest jump leading into the season. This tool will allow specifically investors to track the movements of the seasons and help them know when to buy and when to sell. Despite being a new tool, the indexes for each sport go back all the way to 2004. With the basketball season still in the infant stages, using this tool we can see last season the market took a great leap from January to March. This revolutionary new feature for the hobby is just one of the many ways Card Ladder can make you a more savvy investor and collector.