New Marketplace: Fanatics Sports Card & Memorabilia Auctions

Card Ladder
Sep 07, 20213 min read

Fanatics has been the talk of the town lately and rightfully so with their recent licensing deals that makes them the future of the sports card world. Securing deals with the MLB, NBA, and NFL, Fanatics will become the one stop shop for all trading cards by the year 2026. The ambitions for Fanatics are large, a recent article gave insight to their plan which stated, “For example, should collectors purchase a trading card, they’ll be able to insure the asset, grade, store and even put them on a marketplace to sell or trade — all through Fanatics.” This of course all cannot just happen overnight the second Topps and Panini’s license run out, so what is Fanatics doing leading up to 2026 to make their plans a reality?

Fan Auctions a Fanatics Experience launched, a sports card and memorabilia auction website. Currently the website is strictly football items ranging from signed photos, jerseys, footballs, cards, and helmets. In order to bid, you must make an account separate from your account and enter an active debit or credit card. Then you have the ability to bid on items freely if your payment method is approved. This is to prevent people from bidding up items then not paying which is a problem on websites such as eBay, Goldin, & other auction houses. The website runs extremely well and is user friendly and similar to the Fanatics main website. Similar to other auction websites, it has categorized searches, individual searches, a watch list and bid status. These items on auction not only show up on but also, reaching millions of people. All items for auction will have an icon with a $ sign in a blue circle which leads you to the Fanatics auction website to bid. For example we searched Derrick Henry autograph and the following came up.

Coming from, it ultimately leads you to the auction website's listing of the item. As of right now you cannot bid on the item through their main website despite it being showcased and listed for sale. I noticed they do not upload a picture of the back for all of the cards listed, only some. I assume they are still in the testing stages and that will be implemented eventually. The lack of promotion, only football items, and a limited number of items listed lead me to believe this as well. Below is what the watch list and bidding status tabs look like, very standard and similar to competitors with the classic Fanatics look.

Card Ladder is not investing in Lamar Jackson but just needed something to show for in the bidding category that is a low enough price to get outbid on

Overall, collectors and investors should both be very excited and intrigued for the future as this website is not only user friendly but also eliminates a lot of the problems sellers face on other platforms. As of now, only Fanatics can sell items and anyone can bid but the eventual goal is to make it a marketplace for all based on the article by CNBC.