NFL.coms Top 10 Quarterbacks: Market Analysis (part 1)

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Aug 13, 20223 min read

With the NFL season right around the corner, this is the first year in many years where the overall market is down. While cards of unproven second year players are still selling for head scratching amounts, it must be stated its not all down. PWCC for one currently has a Trey Lance card with bids totalling over $75,000. analyst and likely hall of famer Steve Smith Sr. released his top 10 QB list for the upcoming season. This blog will show Smith's list and reasoning, then I will break down that players market.

One Month: -3.35%
Three Months: -20.13%
Six Months: -35.98%

Despite being America's team, clearly Dak is not investors quarterback of choice. The Cowboys have a rabid fan base and a pretty decent team every season but unfortunately they never live up to expectations. Heading into this season, the Cowboys should win the division with a loaded offense and upgraded defense. Health has been a quiet concern for Dak over the last few years as well, despite playing through the injury more often than not. By the time playoffs come around, he is pretty beaten and bruised.

One Month: -3.35%
Three Months: -20.13%
Six Months: -35.98%

The most dynamic quarterback in the league has seen better days on and off the field. With his only good wide receiver being dealt this off season, Mark Andrews and his backfield mates are the only guaranteed producers. Lamar has always had a market and sold well but for someone who wins 75%+ of his games and a league MVP, he respectively does not sell well. Durability is always a concern but playoff performance and ability to make difficult throws in big moments have also been a problem.

One Month: 26.28%
Three Months: -9.39%
Six Months: 57.08%

I have nothing to say about Deshaun Watson.

One Month: 6.42%
Three Months: -8.28%
Six Months: -45.03%

Hot off a Super Bowl victory, one would think he was hot off his good ole 6-10 classic Lions season based on his market. As Smith mentioned he is battling a rare and bad case of elbow tendinitis. Being on the wrong side of 30 and close to 40 now is not the time for Stafford's body to fail him. The brightside is he has the best WR in the league plus Allen Robinson and an elite coaching staff.

One Month: -4.44%
Three Months: -14.01%
Six Months: -11.56%

Investors golden child is back for his third season and in an extremely tough division, Herbert will look to make his mark in the postseason this year. All the Herbert high end market has been fine with the National Treasures seeing consistent high sales. It is clear Herbert is investors favorite quarterback as he outsells basically every quarterbacks not named Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes.