NFL.coms Top 10 Quarterbacks: Market Analysis (part 2)

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Aug 17, 20223 min read

With the NFL season right around the corner, this is the first year in many years where the overall market is down. While cards of unproven second year players are still selling for head scratching amounts, it must be stated its not all down. PWCC for one currently has a Trey Lance card with bids totalling over $75,000. analyst and likely hall of famer Steve Smith Sr. released his top 10 QB list for the upcoming season. This blog will show Smith's list and reasoning, then I will break down that players market.

The Bengals went from being a literal dumpster fire and the mockery of the league to a quarter away from winning a Super Bowl in under a year. While this graph looks all bad, it is important to keep in mind how high Burrow was and specific cards still are. This season will prove to be difficult for a myriad of reasons, most notably being they are now respected on a first place schedule. Last season teams did not circle Cincinnati on their calendars and this year they are. Burrow has shown incredible leadership, toughness, and ability to overcome all odds once so expect him to be a pro bowl caliber player once more.

Everytime someone calls Josh Allen overpriced in the hobby, it seems he goes up the next day. At 44.85% in the last 6 months and  22% in the last three, its clear he is the hobbies chosen child next to Herbert. We all know what Allen is capable of and has done but what will he have to do to satisfy collectors to either sustain or keep increasing? Seemingly an MVP season with a title run would be the only answer as his regular season statistical achievements are already baked into pricing.  

It seems a large part of the hobby is over Mahomes mania, the excitement over the still absurdly talented quarterback is seemingly gone. Questions if he can still play with Tyreek Hill gone are legitimate and seemingly bizarre all at the same time. As great of a player Hill is, Mahomes career was not built by it. Pippen did not build Michael Jordans career, did he help him out? Yes of course but lets cut the slander as with a new look Chiefs receiving core, he will be fine. This rhetoric does seem to be reflected in the pricing and lack of trust in Mahomes.

THE GOAT IS BACK! Retiring for a week then realizing he might not like his kids or wife all that much. He needed a reason to be on the road again and at work all day. The additions of Russell Gage and Julio Jones will just make the Bucs that much more powerful offensively. Despite all this, Brady's market is down and down big. Multiple things could be attributed to this and must be said over the last two years he is up 380%. The run up was so high that things eventually had to stagnate, its far from panic time.

Discount double check Rodgers is gone but at 38 he is coming off arguably his best regular season ever. Unfortunately over the last decade, he has had a playoff meltdown every year since the 2011 Super Bowl. With Adams gone and Lazard #1 there is worry which is reflected in his sports card price.