NFL Sunday Week 1 Takeaways

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Sep 12, 20225 min read

Footback is back!!! Wooo Hooo and boy oh boy was it glorious. An action packed Sunday with upsets, beat downs, and everything else great that comes from football. This article will give my brief takeaways from every game played this Sunday.

Saints vs Falcons: 2015 Quarterbacks Impress

The 2015 #1 and #2 overall picks faced off once more in a heated division rivarly game. Winston started off slow and looked awful, this was his first game off an ACL injury so with time he got better. Finishing the game with 269 yards and 2 touchdowns, he finished strong. Mariota got his first start in three years and with a Falcons team no one expected much from. Ultimately blowing a lead, it should not take away from Mariota's 287 yards and one touchdown.

49ers vs Bears: 🎵 Rain Rain Go Away 🎵

Steelers 23 vs Bengals 20: 🧊 BRRRRRRRRow 🧊

Bengals as a team looked good, only allowing 13 points in four quarters despite the offense turning it over 5 times. This game ultimately falls on Burrow as turning the ball over 5 times is not acceptable. Chase and Mixon played at their pro bowl level with the defense as previously mentioned looking good. This game is more about the Bengals short comings than the Steelers winning. Najee just had 2.3 YPC with 23 rushing yards and Trubisky had just 195 yards in 15 drives.


An absolutely electric shootout of young talent all over the field. With Prescott going down it really seems like it is the Eagles division to lose.

Jalen Hurts: 243 passing yards / 90 rushing yards / 1 touchdown
AJ Brown: 10 receptions / 155 receiving yards
Miles Sanders: 13 carries / 96 rushing yards / 1 touchdown
DeAndre Swift: 15 carries / 144 rushing yards / 1 touchdown
Amon-Ra St Brown: 8 receptions / 64 receiving yards / 1 touchdown

Patriots 7 vs Dolphins 20: MEHc🫤 Jones

The Dolphins general manager was inspired by Lightning McQueen "I am speed" saying when assembling this team. Everyone on this offense can ZOOOOOM  making it a nightmare for defenses.

Mac Jones was extremely MEH this week, making him MEHc Jones. With a 9.7 QBR, this week can be looked at as an utter failure. The Patriots lack big play ability and it shows, this game was watching two team who are polar opposites. Patrios offense consists of; ink and dunk, checkdown, flat, 3 yard passes.

Ravens 24 vs Jets 9: NO Wideouts NO Problem

Lamar Jackson is heading into the 2022 campaign with the worst receiving core in the NFL. This is nothing new for Lamar though as he has never had a great wide receiver. With Dobbins and Edwards out, the run game would rely heavily on newly signed Kenyan Drake. Lamar was phenomenal with 3 passing touchdowns and 213 yards on a 98 QB rating. The Ravens wide receiver duo of Rashod Bateman and Devin Duvernay, might leave the average NFL fan scratching their head asking who are they? Combining for 113 yards and 3 touchdowns, they played alright versus a weak Jets defense.

Jaguars 22 vs Commanders 28: Wentz is still Wentz...

On the day he had;
27 completions
313 yards
4 passing touchdownss

Wentz was terrific and unfortunately for us football fans we all know how great Wentz can be. Unfortunately for us football fans, we also know how bad Wentz can be. The Commanders and Jaguars both need a LOT of work but do have some solid cornerstones, it will be a few years before they become contenders if they ever do.

Browns 26 vs Panthers 24: Was Cowherd right about Baker all along?

Baker released a shirt in preparation of week 1 entitled, "Baker Mayfield Off The Leash". Taking a massive dig at his former team, implying he was on a leash that was holding him back. With Watson suspended, the Browns would be starting Jacoby Brissett. Many NFL fans are familiar with Jacoby as being a consistent journeyman backup since 2016. With the odds in Bakers side at home, it would be disastrous if he lost... Losing to the Brown off a game winning kick by Cade York, Baker had some bright spots but ultimately lost and had 1 interception with 4 fumbles.

Colts 20 vs Texans 20: Matt Ryan was underwhelming

The Colts are way to good to be tieing with the Texans and do not let the 352 yards deceive you. Ryan was extremely disappointing in a favorable matchup, his 48 QBR and 83 rating reflects this. On a positive note, Davis Mills seems to be a pretty solid starter for the time being.



Sorry about that BUT SAQUON IS BACK!!! Other than that there is truly no takeaway from this game. Two mediocre to below average teams.

Vikings 23 vs Packers 7: A Case of Elite Receivers vs Horrid Receivers

This picture sums up this game perfectly, not to discredit the Vikings as they seem to be much improved. This game was not a war of attrition but simply lack of skill at the skill positions.

Chiefs 44 vs Cardinals 21: No Reek, Dont Freek

Bart Scott who gets paid handsomely for his sports takes, proclaimed the Chiefs would miss the playoffs without Tyreek Hill. Proclaiming the Mahomes era success was predicated upon Hill and not Mahomes is a bold take. Are we supposed to believe that the;
2019 AFC Championship Loss
2020 Super Bowl Win
2021 Super Bowl Loss
2022 AFC Championship Loss

Was not a direct result of Mahomes but rather Hill???

Raiders 19 vs Chargers 24: Herbert is still good at football

Lets put card prices aside for a second and just appreciate how talented this 24 year old kid is. What a phenomenal athlete and football mind who can seemingly carve up defenses at ease. Carr had 3 picks, so I am sure Vegas Dave is crying himself to sleep.

Bucs 19 vs Cowboys 3: Over before it started