NFL Week 2 Takeaways

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Sep 20, 20226 min read

After a week one for the ages... Well week 2 was just as good if not better and a lot of upsets occured. Despite it just being week 2, many people are already questioning if their teams season is over while others are high as a kite. This article will give a quick recap and or analysis of what happened and what went wrong or what went right.

Two of the best quarterbacks in the league were on display in prime time, which is a great thing for the hobby and the NFL. The narrative of Mahomes needing Tyreek Hill to win is dead as the Chiefs look to be the clear favorites for the AFC West. Despite what the might show statistics, upon watching the game both quarterbacks did not play great. The defenses both dropped at least 6 easy interceptions and applied great pressure all game long.

Unfortunate news:

The hobby is holding their breath as well as the Chargers and NFL fans as Herbert went down with a rib injury. All we have as far as an update goes is what head coach Staley on Friday.

Many had questions about whether or not Joe Flacco was elite or not back in 2014. After beating the Jacoby Brissett led Browns, it is safe to say YES HE IS!!! In the grand scheme of things this game could affect the seeding once Watson is back. The fact the Browns are scoring 30 with a backup quarterback just shows how good they will be with Watson. It also should put Zach Wilson on high alert that he better come ready to play.

Over the last 6 quarters of Lions football, they have been a really good team scoring 57 points. Amron St Brown and Deandre Swift are on there way to all pro seasons

Whether the Lions win 12 games or not, they will be one of the most entertaining teams to watch. Jared Goff deserves some credit as well, throwing for 471 yards, 6 touchdowns, and just 1 interception he is playing his best football in years. Carson Wentz was abysmal in the first half but in the second half had a great game. The unfortunate things with Wentz is he is always all over the place with consistency. I do not see the Commanders becoming contenders anytime soon.

The Brady Buccaneers have been historically putrid versus the Saints going 0-4 prior to last Sunday. Brady has only been shut out 9 times in his career, ultimately his defense would not let it happen. Forcing 5 total turnovers with 3 interceptions and 2 fumbles one turning into a touchdown return. Brady did not look great the first two weeks but one week was rust and the other was status quo vs New Orleans. The biggest takeaway for this game is how elite both defenses are with a side of the Saints need a new quarterback.

Giants & Panthers non Quarterbacks                         Giants & Panthers Quarterbacks

Sorry but is really this simple... Both these teams are legitimately a good quarterback away from being legit playoff teams borderline being viewed as a contender.

The Patriots are an elite mediocre team, possibly the greatest 7-10 win team in history. The offense is stagnant more often than not and other times can be movin' along like last year. It was just really hard to watch this game and not think of exceptional mediocrity. The Steelers would likely be a tier above such if they did not have Trubisky at quarterback. The defense even without Watt is still pretty solid and the weapons on offense are still the same.

When I heard the Colts lost 8 straight games in Jacksonville, I had to make sure the announcers did not get trolled on twitter. Colts seemingly struggle vs the Jaguars for whatever reason, reminiscent to the Patriots in Miami. Trevor Lawrence two best career games have come against the Colts in Jacksonville. So could this be Trevor turning the corner? Possibly so but lets not overlook how bad the Colts are. Carson Wentz was clearly a problem last year but with every drive it seems they might have been throwing a lawn chair off the Titanic. Matt Ryan was on a bad bad Falcons team last year but still looked good. Now Matt Ryan is a shell of his former self and it could be his last year in Indy.

When people proclaim game of the year in week 2, it is often an overreaction. Well in this instance, lets just say this game will be hard to top. Receiving records were broken with Tyreek Hill & Jaylen Waddle being the first teammates record 170+ receiving yds & 2+ receiving TD in the same game. The quarterbacks were electric with 907 yards of total offense and 10 touchdowns. The narrative around Tua could do a complete 180 with 2-3 more weeks of great play, while the consensus seems to be they need to pay Lamar. The Ravens are really good but the lack of receiving talent does not help offset the loss of Dobbins and Gus Edwards.

What was a blowout became a fourth quarter nail-biter ultimately until  Marcus Mariota embarrassed himself. The Rams are a good team but so far clearly missing something from last year. The best thing for them was getting Akers involved in the offense with 15 rushing attempts. The 2.9 yards per carry could be improved but him at least playing is a step in the right direction.

Despite this game being played in Dallas, by the end of it Bengals fans were saying Houston we have a problem. It is still way to early to tell if last season was a fluke and way to early to tell if Burrow peaked. Very reminiscent to the 2015 Panthers, a young team full of swagger, enthusiasm, and skill went 15-1 going to the Super Bowl. Ultimately come 2016, they struggled to find their footing going 6-10. The Bengals went from a team people laughed at to a 10-7 Super Bowl team in one year. Now on a first place schedule with a plethora of prime time games, teams are circling their calendar trying to embarrass this team. The Bengals were a bye week for many teams for many years to a degree. With 15 games left, theres a lot of time to turn it around but I mean Cooper Rush... Cooper Rush... c'mon man

Broncos Country Lets Cry is the reaction many Bronco fans were having on twitter realizing they are far from the team they hoped. Hall of Fame quarterback Russell Wilson does not look the same and signing 34 year old Russ to a deal through 2028 is worrisome. Similar to Burrow there is time to turn things around BUT Wilson is 34 and the coach looks clueless.

Was this game more about how disappointing the Raiders are? Or how underwhelming the Cardinals? A miraculous comeback, yes but how does a team with one of the highest paid offensive guru head coaches and $230,000,000 quarterback get shut out by a mediocre defense? Both teams have tons of room to improve they'll be the laughing stock of 2022.

Drafting a quarterback 11th overall and only trusting him to throw a ball 11 times is WILD... Rodgers is also still good at football for those who were concerned.