Notable Monthly Gainers

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Jun 21, 20222 min read

Stephen Curry 2009 Bowman 48 Blue /1948 BGS 9

Monthly Change: 106.02%

Price: $4,275

Curry's only Bowman card in existence and it also happens to be Bowmans last basketball product in 2009. This product payed homage to where it all began for Bowman in 1948, with the exactly same design of Bowman 1948 with new parallels, autographs, and players of course.

With people seemingly climbing the vintage mountain as it is being proclaimed as the safe haven by many. It makes sense for modern renditions of vintage cards getting love by investors. It combines the best of both worlds to them, it has the literal exact same design of the vintage card but with an active NBA superstar.

Vlad Guerrero Jr 2016 Bowman Chrome Auto PSA 10

Monthly Change: 88.18%

Price: $5,175

From April 16th to May 23rd, Vlad Jr appeared in over 33 games and struggled mightily. With 118 at bats during this span he had just 27 hits and 2 home runs with a batting average of .229 and as a result of this, his market dipped a decent bit. Specifically pertaining to this card, it went from 5k all the way down to 2k back up to 5k in under 3 months. Since May 23rd, he has gotten out of his slump and appeared to have found his groove. In 23 games with 98 at bats he has 27 hits which includes 10 home runs with a batting average of .284.

Dwyane Wade 2003 Topps Chrome Refractor BGS 10

Monthly Change: 85.86%

Price: $7,806

In a world where many are saying the sky is falling, it seems there are still a decent bit of lower high end or higher mid end cards (depending on who you are talking to) seeing noticable bumps. This Wade card is a classic example of this, selling for $7,806 a week after it sold for $4,200. The card is down about $7,500 since 2021 but still around $6,000 over where it was in early 2020. So it is good to see interest in cards that are not autographed, numbered, or from high end products of retired players.