Notable Weekly Gainers

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Dec 20, 20212 min read

Ben Simmons 2016 Donruss Optic PSA 10  - 115% Increase

The Ben Simmons saga has been tiresome to say the least as the amount of attention this situation has garnered is pretty absurd. In the last week it has come out that several teams are interested in trading for Ben Simmons which gives the impression this situation could be soon coming to an end. With investors seeing this news, the possibilities of him going to a contending team as Miami have investors intrigued. The result of that has Ben Simmons 2016 Donruss Optic PSA 10 seeing a 115% Increase over the last week.

An article from earlier in the year titled Trade Deadline Card Price Analysis covered how a notable player changing teams saw a noticeable price bump. Whether you like Simmons or not, it is worth noting he is a multi time all-star and one of the best defensive players in the league. Instead of waiting until after the trade, investors could be trying to beat the curve for the inevitable trade.

DeMar Derozan 2009 Topps Chrome /999 (raw) - 113% Increase

One of if not the biggest surprises this NBA season has been 13 year NBA vet DeMar Derozan. The Chicago Bulls might not have been the laughing stock of the league the last 5 years but they definitely weren't taken seriously either. DeMar with the help of Lavine, Lonzo, and Vuvevic have made the Bulls into a serious contender. Averaging 26 points on the season, DeMar has become a top 5 MVP candidate.

As a result of this Derozan’s Topps Chrome rookie /999 has seen a massive increase but specifically in the last week. A record high $325 sale happened after DeMar scored 38 points on the Lakers including 19 in the 4th quarter alone. While DeMar has been spectacular this season, it is worth noting that he is 32 years old. Playing at this high of a level is likely not sustainable for another 3 years, so if you are buying him as an investment its for the short term.

Tiger Woods 2001 SP Authentic Stars Autograph /900 BGS 9.5/10 - 124% Increase

In just 1 week this card saw a $18,000 increase in price! With all the talk of a down market apparently not for one of golf's GOATs. Tiger and his son finished 2nd in the PNC tournament game which was a feel good story in sports as it had been a rough year for the Woods family. Although his future professional playing career is in question, this past weekend showed us that he’s still got the star power to captivate an audience. While the days of Tiger winning the Master are over, Tiger being in the spotlight as a loveable character is still and will be a thing. As a result, combined with his legacy it will continue to show his cards being highly sought after.