Notable Weekly Gainers

Card Ladder
Jan 6, 20222 min read

2018 Donruss Luka Doncic #177 - BGS 9.5 - 133% Change

Lukamania for the Donruss Rated Rookie 2018 BGS 9.5 in the last week seeing a massive 133% increase. The last sale of $200 was a massive spike over the previous sale of $86. While I would be hesistant to say that base cards are coming back, it could be assumed that the market corrected on this card. While 99% of base is free falling there is still a place in the market for these cards. A Luka Doncic Donruss Rated Rookie 9.5 for $86 is pretty cheap in the grand scheme of things. This sale can and should be viewed as a good thing for the hobby.

2018 Prizm Silver Hamidou Diallo #9 - PSA 10 - 110% Change

The former slam dunk champ has seen massive gains this week! After scoring 28, 31, and 34 the Kentucky products prices sky rocketed. Selling for $60 the last week in December, the most recent sale (3 days ago) was for $111. Showing that we are still in an alive market that is as reactionary as ever. If young lower tier players start to put together nice stretches of work, odds are their market will increase. With Detroit in a rebuild, Diallo could be making himself apart of their promising future with Cade or be trade bait to a contending team come February.

2020 Prizm Joe Burrow Red White Blue #307 - Raw - 62.44%

The possible comeback player of the year?!?! The former #1 overall pick has been dominating the last two weeks. Throwing for over 970 yards and 8 touchdowns in his last 8 games with impressive wins over the Chiefs and Ravens. Similar to Diallo but for a bigger name player it shows the market will react no matter the caliber of player. Big name or small name in the current market if you ball out your prices will go up!