Jordan's Record Sale Does Increase Sonny Weems Value

Card Ladder
Jun 13, 20241 min read

By now I am sure you have all heard about the 2.9 million dollar Michael Jordan logoman sale. With a sale like this you know one thing is definite, the resulting takes will be hot and they will be flying. It seems like many influencers want to proclaim a resetting of the logoman market because of this sale. While it can be safe to assume this sale will have future implications on Jordan, Kobe, or LeBron Logoman sales, it is a reach to think this sale helps a Kyle Weaver logoman

This is not the first and definitely not the last time a big logoman sale has or will happened. The 2.4 million dollar Luka National Treasures Logoman Auto 1/1 sale did not reset the rookie logoman market and result in a trickle effect across the board for other players. I think however it could put a spotlight on other sports GOATs and their game used autograph logoman seeing man increase in price.