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Immediate market reactions to wildcard weekend: NFC the losers

Cowboys Dak Prescott: The Cowboys losing would have hurt Cowboy fans... The Cowboys losing because Dak Prescott thought he was Lamar Jackson hurt that much more. As we all by now know how the Cowboys game ended in a meme worthy and playoff Cowboy like fashion. The Cowboys started out blazing hot but Dak struggled some with a lower body injury throughout the year. Since the playoff loss Dak's market has dipped 5% since the loss which is not that bad considering his play in that game left a

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Jan 22, 20222 min read

Immediate market reactions to wildcard weekend: AFC the losers

Raiders Derek Carr: In his first playoff start Carr actually played pretty well considered the circumstances to this Raiders season. Shocking enough despite losing that game, Carr showed enough to investors for his market to increase 2,616 since last weeks loss. Expect this to stagnate or even dip some with off season around the corner for all teams Hunter Renfrow & Josh Jacobs: The unlikely 1-2 punch that was a big reason why the Raiders made the playoffs markets have kind of fizzled out

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Jan 21, 20221 min read

Goldin Auctions January Recap and Highlights

Goldin Auctions monthly auction ended this past weekend and some of the results left people in absolute awe. Over 64,000 bids were placed which is a record for any auction they've ever held. This auction included over $27,000,000 in total sales and 100 record prices with players ranging from Steve Nash to Anthony Edwards to Joe Burrow. While lot #1 in this auction was a LeBron James Exquisite RPA, that card sells fairly frequently. On the other hand this LeBron James Topps Chrome Gold Refract

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Jan 11, 20224 min read

Why the Hobby Needs Zion & Lawrence to succeed

Zion Williamson and Trevor Lawrence were the two biggest prospects in the last decade for their respective sports. While many fans want them to succeed, a pretty large portion of people on the other hand want them to fail. These two college stars' success will not make or break the hobby and the investment aspect as a whole but will leave many with a bad taste in their mouth. Whether you like the hype around young players or not, there is no denying the impact it has on the hobby. People love

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Jan 07, 20223 min read

Notable Weekly Gainers

2018 Donruss Luka Doncic #177 - BGS 9.5 - 133% Change Lukamania for the Donruss Rated Rookie 2018 BGS 9.5 in the last week seeing a massive 133% increase. The last sale of $200 was a massive spike over the previous sale of $86. While I would be hesistant to say that base cards are coming back, it could be assumed that the market corrected on this card. While 99% of base is free falling there is still a place in the market for these cards. A Luka Doncic Donruss Rated Rookie 9.5 for $86 is pret

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Jan 06, 20222 min read

Notable Weekly Gainers:

2000 Metal Tom Brady Rookie (raw) - 248% Increase - $950 With the NFL regular season coming to an end its clear people are buying cards of players they think can win it all. Brady and the Bucs are firing on all cylinders and as a result we see possibly previously overlooked Brady rookies skyrocketing. As the notoriety and demand for the iconic metal brand increases, it only makes sense that the metal rookie of the GOAT increases. 2019 Luka Samanic Prizm Silver Rookie PSA 10 - 128% Increas

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Dec 13, 20212 min read

How the Top 3 NFL MVP Candidates Card Markets have Performed Since Week 1!

The NFL off-season was phenomenal for the sports card market with the football market rising over 20,000 points on the index. We saw every quarterback explode this off season from Daniel Jones to Sam Darnold and even the GOAT Tom Brady. 12 weeks into the season, how have football cards performed? But more specifically how have the best of the best performed? In this article we will look at how the top 3 odds on favorites to win MVP sports card markets have performed this year. As of 11/25 the

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Nov 27, 20213 min read

Should you be worried about Mahomes?

The sports card market's golden child has been struggling recently which has many investors concerned. Mahomes is more than an athlete to people in the sports card world, people have built brands around being Mahomes investors and even created characters themed around Mahomes. So when Mahomes starts to struggle, should you be worried even if you don't own his cards? With what Mahomes cards were selling for over the last year, the simple answer is a big fat yes. In this article, we will be taking

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Nov 02, 20215 min read

The Fall of Derek Carr’s Market

The Raiders were off to a hot start led by long time quarterback Derek Carr. As fast as his market went up, when things get bad how fast has it gone down?

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Oct 12, 20212 min read

Week 3 Quarterback Market Recap; only 3 Quarterback have increases over 1%!?!?

With week 3 of the NFL season happening exactly a week ago today, we have had time to see how the market has reacted leading up to week 4. As we see what teams are for real and what teams are not, the market recognizes this accordingly. The first two weeks of massive increases based soley off the hype of a one game perfomance, seems to be over. The data from Card Ladder shows this as only 3 players this past week saw increases over 1%. For context, the week prior had over 10 quarterbacks with an

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Oct 03, 20213 min read

Week 2 Market Trends: Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers No Longer Busts???

With week 2 in the books and giving the market time to react to the performances, how did some of the top tier and even lower tier…

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Sep 24, 20214 min read

The Exception Not The Rule, The Risk Of Investing In Running Backs

When it comes to investing in a player, what are the things you look for? Assuming longevity and high market ceilings are two of those things, running backs are likely not very high on your list. The brutal position of running back has the shortest career span out of any position in the NFL.

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Sep 22, 20216 min read

NFL Week 1 Reactionary Market: Josh Allen a bust and Kyler Murray MVP…

With the dust settled from the action packed week one, how has the market responded to stellar performances and some not so stellar…

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Sep 19, 20212 min read

Why The Buccaneers Receivers Are Set Up For Hobby Success

There’s a possibility that you are sick of hearing about Tom Brady’s card market… Which is understandable but what about his receivers…

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Sep 16, 20214 min read

Four Things To Look Out For This NFL Season

With the NFL season just a day away, fans cannot be more excited for the first season in two years which will allow fans in the stands at…

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Sep 09, 20216 min read