The Crossover (10/23/2021): Goldin Elite and PWCC Premier Auction Breakdown

Card Ladder
Oct 23, 20212 min read

This week, the Goldin Elite and PWCC Premier Auctions broke several hobby records. Chris and Josh broke down the auctions and were joined by Ken Goldin to discuss the results. You can watch or listen to the full episode here:

This Week's Topics and Questions

  • Breakdown of the Goldin Elite Auction (5:18)
  • Breakdown of the PWCC Premier Auction (30:30)
  • I would love to hear you guys discuss the Lakers’ style of play so far this season. (48:16)
  • Over/Under: 25 games before Jason Kidd gets fired. (51:55)
  • Can Porzingis get it done this year? (55:26)
  • Is the Trae-for-Luka trade closer than we thought? (55:44)
  • Ken Goldin joins the show. (56:07)
  • What are the main implications of the NBA Top 75 List for the hobby? (1:14:34)
  • In the last 30 years, has there been any more thrilling player to watch than Steph Curry? (1:16:28)
  • Can we get a full recap of the Bleecker Trade Night? (1:17:50)
  • What is the hobby capital of the world? (1:27:13)
  • What are some tips for new card show attendees? (1:35:42)
  • How do you determine the cash value of your collection? (1:38:36)
  • Would you rather collect the best player on a bad team or the worst player on the best team? (1:42:03)
  • Discuss the big money being pumped into the hobby. (1:43:45)
  • When it comes to patches, the NBA Logoman and NFL Shield are #1. But how would rank the following patches 2-6? Laundry tag, team logo, nameplate, branding, number piece. (1:44:53)
  • Why are booklets less desired? (1:47:26)
  • Let’s say PSA opens bulk submissions tomorrow. What effect does that have on the market? (1:49:10)
  • I’m starting an Allen Iverson collection. What are your three favorite insert sets with him from 1997-98? (1:50:27)
  • Over the next decade, will 1990s basketball outpace 1950s baseball? (1:55:10)
  • What is a better investment: one $100,000 card or ten $10,000 cards? (1:57:01)
  • How does Josh organize his binders? (2:04:36)
  • Which of these two will last longer in the hobby: National Treasure RPAs or Prizm Golds? (2:06:14)
  • Is 2020 NBA Flawless Basketball ever going to be released? (2:07:43)I know F1, UFC, and Soccer are some of the world’s most popular sports. But, what percentage of the people buying product actually watch? Does it even matter? (2:08:44)