The Crossover 9/24/2021: Ken Goldin Joins the Stream

Riley Peronto
Sep 26, 20211 min read

This week, Ken Goldin joined the live stream to discuss his interview with Panini’s Vice President of Sales and Product Development, DJ Kazmierczak. The group also discussed Joe Rogan talking cards, Christian McCaffrey’s injury, and more. You can watch or listen to the full episode here:

This Week’s Questions

  • What will the Michael Scott PMG Red end at? (9:28)
  • Discussion on Joe Rogan discussing cards on his podcast. (12:14)
  • Can we all agree that this NFT talk needs to get out of the sports card space? Do you feel it is a disservice to the hobby for fellow collectors to promote NFTs to the sports card community members? (24:27)
  • What are your takeaways from Ken Goldin’s interview with DJ Kazmierczak from Panini? (31:33)
  • Let’s talk about shill bidding? Is eBay responsible for protecting us from it? Does it happen as much on other platforms? (35:01)
  • More details on Mint Collective? (45:00)
  • Psychological question: Let’s say I own and love a card worth $100,000, but there’s no chance I’d pay $100,000 for it today. However, I’m also not willing to sell it for $100,000. Why am I not willing to sell if I also wouldn’t buy at this price? (50:16)
  • Ken Goldin joins. (56:22)
  • Why is there a Kaboom on Ladder Headlines every day? (1:31:38)
  • If the Orange Luke Prizm PSA 10 sells for $120k, how much is my Immaculate Auto Mahomes PSA 5 worth? (1:34:48)
  • When do you know it’s time to take a break from the hobby? (1:36:18)
  • Christian McCaffrey injury discussion. (1:37:25)
  • What is the best way to quickly sell cards to cover grail investments? (1:43:48)
  • Has “under the influence” caused you to make good or bad buys? (1:46:54)
  • Discussion on PWCC’s Monthly Auction. (2:01:47)
  • Discussion on ESPN’s Top 25 NBA players. (2:04:40)