Card Ladder Pro Update: Synonym Searching

Card Ladder
May 15, 20242 min read

Searching for sales just got a whole lot easier! Sellers all list their cards differently which makes it hard to find all the sales you're looking for across platforms. For example some sellers title their listing with "auto", some with "signed", some with "autographs". Goldin Auctions most notably lists autograph cards with the verbiage of "autograph" and "signed" as seen below.

Today we launched a synonym platform that automatically retrieves similar phrases in titles automatically. So when platforms like Goldin might use less searched for verbiage, the search results will now include all synonyms of auto.

This is not just limited to synonym search results for autographed cards, we have expanded it to include parallels as well for acronyms.

If you search for "Shaquille pmg" you'll get listings with titles that include Precious Metal Gems as we have coded PMG to be an acronym for that.

And we have not stopped there, what happens if you are searching the price of a card and that player might go by multiple names? Steph/Stephen Curry or most notably Penny/Anfernee Hardaway, with the new feature we will showcase both results despite typing just one name. The days of having to bullion search "(Penny, Anfernee) Hardaway Example Card" is over. As seen below, none of the listings include the word Penny yet they show up under search results.

Card Ladder is constantly being updated and we are constantly adding similar synonym terms to ensure you get the best results possible. If you have any suggestions for more synonyms we're missing send em to us and we can add them in seconds!