Worst Team In The League = 2nd Highest QB Growth

Card Ladder
Jan 10, 20232 min read

As mentioned in our prior article about Shai Gilgeous Alexander, this market is extremely unpredictable. Over the last three months, the NBA player that has seen the most market growth is a #13 seed on the smallest market in the league. In the NFL over the last three months, the Quarterback with the second highest return is Justin Fields of the Chicago Bears. The same Chicago Bears which earned the #1 pick yesterday after being the worst team in the entire NFL.

Why could this be? Here are a few reasons why:

  1. From nothing to something

Justin Fields rookie season was fairly horrendous and whether you want to put the blame on the lack of talent around him, thats entirely fair. One thing you have to realize is the average collector and or investor does not care about that.

Starting off the 2022 season, weeks 1-6 were absolutely horrendous in which many were deeming him another Ohio State bust. Weeks 7-15 is when things really took off for him and the Bears started utilizing his abilities. Unfortunately the Bears defense was horrible and his best weapon was Darnell Mooney...

From being objectively one of the worst quarterbacks in the league to one of the best, and keep it mind Fields is just 23 years old. Unfortunately weeks 16 and 17 he looked more like bad Justin Fields but with his stellar play for half the season. People felt confident enough to buy his cards from the price point they were at. Keep in mind Fields was not priced like Lawrence and they were next to relatively nothing, so it was worth taking the risk once his play improved.

As a result, Fields over the last three months has seen a market index of 35.15%.