At Card Ladder, we believe the long term sustainability of the hobby hinges on the education of its members. Whether you’re interested in collecting for fun or buying and selling cards as a way to make money, we’ve got some helpful tips to guide you.

What would you like to focus on?






Search for cards and players you’re interested in

As a new collector, you should keep things simple. What players do you like? What cards interest you? Perform a simple search on Card Ladder for your favorite player and browse their cards. Look at the statistics, study the graphs, and read the bio for the card. Card Ladder is the world’s best virtual card shop. There are cards you won’t find anywhere else!

Check up on deals ending soon on eBay

On the dashboard, we display the most watched cards ending soon on eBay for multiple categories. This can give you an idea of cards that other collectors like and are bidding on. You might even see some cards that catch your eye, giving you the chance to jump in and snag em!

Follow the ever-growing collector community

Our feed is stocked full of content from the top content creators in the game, including some created by us at Card Ladder. There are countless podcasts, videos, articles, and more to catch up on and stay tuned with every day. See what other people are collecting, learn from long time hobbyists, and most importantly, have some fun!

View predicted pricing Pro

Collectors always ask the question, “What is my rare card worth that rarely sells?” Investors buy cards that are liquid, but collectors tend to prefer cards that are hard to find and therefore hard to value. At Card Ladder, we attempt to answer that question with our predicted pricing. When you add your custom cards to your collection, we walk you through setting up your own predicted pricing on your rare cards!

Manage your collection Pro

Collectors like to keep their collections neat, organized, and documented. Our collection tool is perfect for that. We make adding your cards a breeze, and once your collection is uploaded, you’ll love the presentation. There are graphs and statistics showing you the daily fluctuation in value of your collection, and you'll be able to view your collection in multiple formats including our photo-album-like display.

Find similar cards Pro

When you’re browsing the Ladder and find cards that interest you, make sure you scroll down on the card profile to see what similar cards we have in our database. This will keep you busy for hours exploring all the cards that are out there to learn about. Each card tells a different story and speaks to collectors differently.

Get price drop alerts Pro

Have your eye on a card you want to add to your collection, but want to wait for the price to drop? Add the card to your watchlist to set up a pricing alert for when the price goes below a certain threshold. Get notified by email when the price dip happens and snag that card for your collection!

Watch cards climb and fall on the Ladder

Use the ladder to educate yourself on what cards are trending right now. See which cards have exploded in the last two weeks and spot inefficiencies. Find cards similar to those that haven’t seen the same growth. Get ahead of the next trend.

Inform yourself using the info on the card profile

Each card's profile offers a depth of knowledge. Find out how much a card actually sells for in today’s market without worrying about fake sales or incorrect pricing data. Use the sales graph to spot trends over time to figure out the next move. Click the "Buy it Now" button to see what copies of that specific card are available for purchase immediately. Use your knowledge of accurate pricing to snag a smoking deal.

Learn the tricks of the trade from top content creators

Browse through the feed for different content creators that can teach you the fundamentals of investing in the card market. Card Ladder even offers its own videos and podcasts to help you stay in tune with the hobby. Spend weeks educating yourself and doing the research through content before making any decisions. Watch multiple content creators to learn multiple ways of doing things, and be sure to challenge yourself.

View all time sales history Pro

Understanding the full sales history of a card is critical to understanding its market. Look at the sales on a graph of all cards going back to 2004. You can learn a lot about the seasonal trends of cards by looking at all time sales history. Certain types of cards generally go up during certain points in the year/season and go down in others. Use that knowledge to capitalize.

Sort and filter the Ladder Pro

The ladder has several options to filter cards including player, set, variation, condition, year, price range, and more. Use one of our many sort options such as "Market Cap", "Quarterly Price Change", and "Current Value." All of this power can help you unlock the next card you want to go after. For example, try sorting by "Monthly % Change" and reversing the sort. This will display cards that have dipped the most over the last month, giving you the opportunity to snag them while the price is low.

Compare card sales histories Pro

One of our most popular tools for Card Ladder Pro users is Compare. Quickly compare all grades of a single card or start searching cards in our database and adding them to the list to compare. You can stack cards in a table and sort by any data point. Throw them all up on the graph to compare all time sales history, even with logarithmic charts to cut out the noise. This tool has limitless potential for investors.

Get pricing alerts Pro

After you purchase a card and it’s in your inventory, add it to your watchlist to set up pricing alerts for when the value goes above a price you want to sell. Get notified immediately so you can sell and move forward with your strategy.