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Access 75M+ historical sales from eBay, Goldin, Heritage, MySlabs, and many other platforms including private sales, and population reports from PSA, BGS, and SGC. Our Research Team has personally vetted 3M+ sales for thousands of verified cards.

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Using this database we built the industry's only total market index for thousands of players and characters. Search millions of cards to get accurate value estimates today, even if the last sale was years ago. Study our in-depth analytics for verified cards.

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Quickly add any of the millions of cards to your collection and get daily value updates. Our experienced Research Team verifies thousands of sales every day to improve the accuracy of our estimations and to ensure you have pricing data you can trust.

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“I have a responsibility as a content creator in the hobby to provide accurate information and stories, supported by data. I use Card Ladder every day to not only support the content that I share on the Stacking Slabs Podcast, but to better inform the decisions that I am making as a collector.”

Brett McGrath

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